MAG STI/A Shavette

The barbershop was quiet. Barber sat in his comfortable chair, enjoying his morning donut. The morning was quiet and calm, there were no customers yet, and he had time to enjoy the small joys of life. The bell on the door rang, breaking the silence. Barber looked up and saw the box on the doorstep. Intrigued, he walked over to the box and picked it up. Opening the box, Barber found a new MAG STI/A Shavette razor. It was an exquisite instrument and immediately caught the attention of the barber. While examining the razor, the barber was amazed by its magnetic mechanism, which made it easy to change blades and ensured a comfortable and precise shave. Intrigued, he began to click the magnetic mechanism, and then something incredible happened. The sign of the barbershop began to spin and flicker, as if it had magic on it. Almost immediately, people appeared on the street who noticed an unusual phenomenon. They looked inside and saw Barber with a new razor in his hands. Soon the barbershop was filled with customers who wanted to try out the new tool and enjoy a quality shave. So, thanks to the new MAG STI Shavette razor, the barbershop was transformed, becoming a place where work was in full swing, customers went there with pleasure, and Barber became even more confident in his skills. All this was the result of his finding a unique tool that helped him attract more customers and made his barbershop one of the most popular in the city.

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Once upon a time, one of the best barbers in Kyiv started thinking about the lack of a straight razor that would be perfect for barbershop work. Gathering all the preferences, he reached out to an engineer friend, and they decided to create the ultimate tool for the job. After months of development, they brought forth this product. Since the barber community is very close-knit, other individuals who tried working with this straight razor wanted it for themselves. Titanium, precision, and magnets played their roles, and a decision was made to launch the razor into mass production.