DCP creation for advertising & trailers

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Advertising films & trailers are leveled by us free of charge LEQ(m) 82/85

0 - 30 sec

502k DCP
  • €60 for 4k DCP

30 - 60 sec

602k DCP
  • €80 for 4k DCP

60 - 120 sec

802k DCP
  • €100 for 4k DCP

What is there to consider regarding the volume in the cinema?

We have the best instructors

For advertising and trailers, there are strict requirements regarding the loudness of the sound signal during the digital screening in the cinema. Advertising films must not exceed a value of 82 LEQ(m) and trailers of 85 LEQ(m). We are happy to adjust the volume within your order free of charge according to the required values.

The above-mentioned limit values do not apply to short and feature films, but the volume should also be leveled here for a correct cinema projection. We are very happy to check the volume of your film and, if necessary, adjust it free of charge within your order.